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atlas-intelligenceAtlas intelligence is a binary options software with very aggressive claims. The developers of this software are telling the market that 23 traders got a free copy of the Atlas passport and cashed in nearly $70,000. The software developers want us to believe that this system will give us the life we deserve.

In my review today I will be analyzing the software and telling the binary today readers if I truly believe that this software made its members nearly $600,000 this week.

Atlas Intelligence Review

The Atlas intelligence website consists of a binary options video and a short frequently asked questions area. The software is described as an advanced artificial intelligence system that uses exponential technologies like context aware learning and cloud data processing. It is not explained how these are used in the context of binary options and there is no further strategic discussion anywhere on the site, including the video. I’ve come to expect little to no explanation on strategy in this market because the developers of these products simply never provide it, and that disappoints me.

The Atlas intelligence video says that it’s a live product demonstration, but this is obviously a recorded stream because you can pause it. I went into the members area to see what it was like and the Atlas passport works just like the other free binary products. Traders will have to enter their information and deposit with a brokerage in order to gain access. There was one red flag in the members area. I noticed a scrolling bar that said 24 hour trade results but at the time I was looking at this the markets were closed so I’m not sure if these are fake results or they are just plain back results from the Friday.

At this point in time the Atlas intelligence software is brand-new, there are no real reviews on it and I can’t give a final conclusion without some sort of community feedback. If you have tried this software or you’re thinking of giving it a shot please leave your thoughts and experiences in a comment below the article now. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope that your June binary options trading starts strong.

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