Trading Course Review: Consistent Options Income

There is a trading myth, that only 5% of traders can actually make money from the market on a regular basis, but Consistent Options Income believes they can change that. This is the exact reason why more and more traders are getting involved with Trading Courses to keep up the fight to do something in the market and ease their frustrating trading experience. It is not a bad move until you really find an ideal trading course that teaches you exactly what you need to do to win more than you lose in the market.

Consistent Options Income offers the options market trading course. They claim that their strategy is able to bring about 5% profit per month on a consistent basis.

The company was founded by John Richardson and this company was accredited as Clearcreek Consulting Inc by BBB (Better Business Bureau) in 2013. To get in touch you can go through their email address: Their head office is located at 9625 Mission Gorge Road B2308 Santee, CA 92071. Phone: 619-995-9613.

Consistent Options Income Review

John Richardson claims that he spent more than 25 years to come up with a strategy that helps traders to grow up their options trading account in a stable way. His strategy follows the auction market theory to detect inflection points when the market is running out of buyers and that is the time when the market makes a decision on which way it will run next. He uses the flexibility of an options trade to apply a continual adjustment process. However, he hasn’t explained how the strategy counters the issues like highly volatile or fundamentally affected situations of the market since it promises to generate a consistent profit each month.

The Consistent Options Income can be classified as options software or training which is in a similar category as my other recent reviews of OptionWisdom, and Options Payday Alerts.

Course Contents

Original Adjustment Approach

  • Introduction
  • Chart and Graphs
  • Probability
  • Traditional Options Trades
  • The rules
  • The Spreadsheet
  • The Second Trade
  • Analyze page

Aggressive Adjustment Approach

  • The Indicator
  • Indicator Adjustments
  • Indicator Update

Advanced Adjustment Approach

  • Smart Levels

Other Features:

  • Explaining the reasons why probability can be misleading.
  • Detail elaboration about the problem with traditional options trading.
  • How to enter a complex options position and adjust it methodically to bring profits out of the options market.
  • When to adjust the trade and when you shouldn’t interrupt it at all.
  • Placing Conditional Market orders which are automatically adjusted during the day if the market movement dictates.
  • Keeping the rules of the trading system simple so that, everybody can understand and make the best use of it
  • The method of trading a single Stock Index options for easy tracking and reduce the exposure to single stock risk.
  • How to reduce your risk significantly by only being in the market about 40% of the time.
  • Help you to gather experience by showing why and how the rules are applied to trade the market.
  • More than 18 hours of video lessons to make sure you’re getting things right while learning the trading system.
  • Individual customer support even after finishing the course.

Course Fees

The course fees are divided as follows:

  • Consistent Options Income Course: $1,495
  • Smart Levels Course: $795
  • Guns & Butter Course: $795

So, the total fee for the full course stands at $3,085. Currently, they are offering the complete course for $1,795 which is $1,290 off the regular course fee.

Track Records

They have published their trading results from June 2006 to August 2018. The report suggests that their average monthly profit during this period was around 5% against the total amount of invested capitals. According to their statement, the highest return was 15.12% in June 2008 and the lowest return was 4.64% in March of the same year. However, this profit statement is not verified by any renowned third-party financial audit company. Hopefully this is something that they can add to in the near future, but it’s difficult to sign up with any company that isn’t providing full transparency.


An ideal trading strategy doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll suit everyone’s trading style. So, even if the trading course is useful, there is still no guarantee that it’ll work for you too. Furthermore, Consistent Options Income doesn’t have a refund policy for their unsatisfied clients. Besides, asking for more than a thousand dollars by only promising consistent profit from the dynamic financial market with unverified trading results didn’t sound very much ideal to follow them blindly.

Consistent Options Income $1495
  • Price - 10%
  • Strategy - 78%
  • Results - 69%
  • Feedback - 65%
  • Support - 81%


Multiple courses
18 hours of video lessons


No verified track record

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