October 2019 Income Report

A little late, but we are back at it with the 60th edition of the binarytoday.com income report. It’s real milestone today, and it makes me incredibly happy to look back on all the previous reports, and know that we’ve had a great impact on the lives of our readers.

The reason for this income report as always, is to provide transparency in a market place, and to hold ourselves accountable.

There are many different ways to succeed in this market, but we feel the best approach is a semi-automated one. Thus, we rely on binary options signals and software to provide trade alerts. We still place those trades as it’s not fully automated, but we find that’s the best way to be successful in this market.

If you feel automation is a requirement, then you should be looking into Forex, and we will cover that in this report as well, just scroll down for that.

So, let’s get into the earning and show you what’s working as get approach 2020.

October 2019 Income Report

As is always the case, once the weather gets worse, the profits start rolling in. October was no different, as I continued to gain with more time on my hands, and less time in the sun.

Here are the earnings per signal software:

TOTAL: $13462.09

Report Breakdown

It was another great month for both Binary Strategy and Binary Today 5. The small market updates for these systems continue to work and bring high quality ITM signals ranging anywhere from 70-80% win rate.

In comparison to last month, it was very similar, with a gain of $300. As always, anything over $10,000 is extra as that’s the target that I have set for myself. It’s always a good idea to set targets and goals so that at the end of the month you have something to consider moving forward.

Articles in October

In addition to my extra trading hours, I’ve also found time to write more articles and provide more helpful content to the binary today faithful. I find it’s very important to offer these articles as there are very few binary options blogs doing so, if any outside of us.

If you missed any, you can catch up on your reading from this list of 8 new articles:

Have any topics you would like to see us cover? Feel free to email me or leave a comment below. We will also be adding more reviews covering strategies, and different software programs that are invading this market.

Automated Trading

As I mentioned in the intro, automated trading is a very important part of my passive income sources as well. Though, for automated trading I do not recommend binary options, as it’s not suited for it. Instead, I recommend the Forex market, as automated trading in MT4/MT5 has been extremely relevant for over 10 years.

There are two systems that I use to trade on my behalf, and I recommend them to all of the readers here. These are the reviews of each:

If you need any assistance with these programs simply leave a comment in the review or email me. I am always around to help.


Well, it’s a little shorter than usual and that’s because I want to get back to my trading. Forex Fury added a new Crude Oil pair and I want to test this out in my personal accounts so I’m going to be adding that today.

I also plan on taking some signal trades with Binary Strategy and Binary Today 5, so I want at least a few more hours in the markets.

If you have anything you want to say, I want to hear it. So, please leave a comment with anything you want to discuss, or anything you would like to see from me. This is an open community and every contribution as large or small can help change the lives of someone you may not know.

So, contribute, and contribute often. Thanks guys, and come back again soon!

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