November 2017 Binary Options Income Report

Hello, and welcome to the 38th edition of the income report. Back to normal this month, I’m a couple days late, but I assure you that this was well worth the wait. I’m always excited to write these reports because they keep my goals at the forefront of my mind.

The purpose of these reports is to provide a balanced opinion of binary options, and trading from a real trader. Like you, I monitor the charts and analyze trade opportunities on a daily basis. In doing so, I’ve been able to grow accounts, and find winning strategies and systems that I share with the market.

I hope that by providing a transparent analysis of my personal trading approach that you will see the potential in binary trading. Let’s get started, and get you on the road to winning trades.

November Income Report

This section is filled with the Signal Software that I use on a daily basis to generate trade opportunities. Each one of these products provides me with a handful of trades with different expiry times every single day. Instead of making my own trade setups, these programs make it easier to trade throughout the day.

TOTAL: 16443.04

Report Breakdown

This month I remained committed to all of the signal systems in my binary options MT4 platform. Some flourished, while others took a step back. I’ll take a closer look at the winners and losers, and give you more detailed on each system, and what I expect in the future.

The #1 system continues to be Binary Strategy. Since the introduction of this software, I’ve been very pleased with it’s performance and I have no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be a long term solution.


We had three winners this month, Binary Strategy (#1), Binary Today Trader (#2), and Binary Today 5 (#3). The Binary Strategy dropped -$2781.31down-arrow from last months numbers, but this is not due to the signal quality, I just spent more time with other programs. Binary Today Trader gained $1150.01up-arrowand Binary Today 5 gained $977.68up-arrow in comparison with their performance last month.

I see both of these signal systems continuing to perform well into 2018, with the advantage going to BT5. In the past 2 weeks I noticed a sharp uptick in the performance of Binary Today 5 and expect this to continue through the holiday season. If you are looking for short, quick trades, then look no further than the 5 minute expiry times provided by this excellent tool.


Sadly, it was another dip for BinaryIQ, as this signal  software continues to melt away some of my monthly profits. Down an additional -$2396.95down-arrow from last months numbers, this is the worst month IQ has put forth, ever.

Due to this collapse, I have removed IQ from a few of the top rated software charts. I do have faith that the system will return to past glory, but until the developers complete an update, I can’t promote it to anyone. I have contacted support, and they do promise that a market correction update will be provided in early 2018, so we I’m going to hold onto my license and take advantage of the free updates.

Popular Articles

During the month of November, there were quite a few popular articles and conversations getting a lot of attention here at BinaryToday. These are a couple articles that are seeing lots of comments from the community.


Despite the losers, the winners overcame, and it was another successful month.

The losses come with a helpful reminder that trading isn’t easy, and that we need to keep recalculating and re-calibrating our approach. When one software stops providing quality signals for a couple months in a row, we move on while still keeping one eye in the rear view mirror to see if it rebounds.

The fact is, we play a role in our trading. Even when we use signal systems, we have a job to do. That job is to analyze the trades that are coming in, and to be honest about our analysis of those signals.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you will start your trading journey alongside the rest of us!

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