New Trade Video & October 2018 Income Report

October is all wrapped up, so it’s time for the 49th edition of the income report. The purpose of this report is to provide transparency in a market where there is very little. I find that in completing these reports, I often learn more about my own trading techniques, while attempting to teach others, which makes this a mutually beneficial process. If you follow the blog regularly, you will noticed that I’ve taken a renewed interest in the binary options marketplace, and each and every one of my readers.

In today’s edition, I provide a live trading video to show the community my current trading routine as we approach 2019. I also give you in-depth access into my monthly income report numbers, and let you know the products that I’m relying upon every single day to help me make profits in this market.

So, let’s start today off with the lead, my trading video.

My Live Trading Video

In this new video, I show the community how easy it is to receive signals, and place trades using the binary strategy software. Currently rated number one at binary today, this signal system offers 2 distinct trading strategies for the price of one. Throughout the course of this video, I receive two valor signals, which I find to be the most reliable of the 2 strategies.

As you can see, the trading process is quite seamless when utilizing binary strategy. Over the course of a couple of hours, where I only spent 10 to 15 minutes on the computer, I won 2/2 trades, and accumulated a profit of $385. This is a short sample size but a specific example of how the software is operating in 2018, and how I believe it will continue to succeed well beyond 2019.

October 2018 Income Report

After successful months in August and September, it’s no real surprise to me that I’ve been able to keep up my positive momentum with my dual software strategy producing impressive profits. With that being said, feel free to take a closer look at the trading systems I’m utilizing, and what they are contributing to my bottom line.

  1. Binary Strategy +$17125.50up-arrow
  2. Binary Today 5 +$7891.24up-arrow
  3. Manual Trading +$0.00

TOTAL: $25016.74

Report Analysis

In terms of rankings, there was very little change in October. Binary strategy remains in the lead, with binary today 5 remaining as the top contender. Throughout the history of these reports, there’s been a fair amount of activity and change. So, it’s important to recognize the stability binary strategy has been showing in its ability to remain at the top of the binary today leaderboard for such an outstanding period of time.

Leader of the pack: Binary Strategy

Binary strategy continued to perform and exceed my expectations showing a $2000 gain on the past month, and doing so with an increase in the amount of valor strategy signals provided throughout the month of October. I hope that this continues, as these are my favorite type of signals provided by the binary strategy system.

Top contender: Binary Today 5

Binary today 5 saw a minor drop off in overall profit, but the winning percentage was pretty consistent throughout the entire month. This software is certainly a great fit for new traders, although it does require a quick trigger finger at times.

Broker Reviews

In trying to find new platforms for the community to trade, I’ve been focused very heavily on analyzing binary options brokers throughout October. During this time, I provided my analysis on 5 different platforms which you can find listed below.

HighLow Video Review

The majority of these brokers performed very well in my tests, with the exception of IQTrade24 which appears to be a scam.

Other Passive Income Sources

Outside of binary options, I continue to take advantage of automated Forex expert advisors to add some diversity to my trading accounts and give me some passive income. What I really appreciate about the systems, is that they are stable, consistent and don’t take any of my trading time away from binary.

If you’re looking to branch out, I recommend that you read my reviews of Forex Fury and Forex Steam. Two robots that consistently perform well in the shifting market conditions we face as 2019 approaches.


October was a great month, but that doesn’t mean I’m not already looking forward to November, and the challenges that come with it.

I hope that you enjoyed my live trade video, my recent reviews, and everything else I’ve been working on here at binary today.

If there’s anything you would like to see added to the site, please leave a comment with your requests and suggestions below this income report now.

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