New Discounts: July 2018 Income Report

Today we are back with the 46th edition of the binary income report. In today’s edition, I’ll be walking you through my current trading approach, and what binary options signals I’m relying on to win trades consistently and grow my accounts. I hope that providing this information to as many people as possible, I’m able to positively impact the lives of traders around the world. Thousands of readers visit us here on a daily basis, and look for ways to expand their knowledge base, and test new methods to make more money trading binary options.

In this report, you’ll notice that I’ve minimize the amount of binary options signal providers I’m using to just 2. While 3 systems was a sweet spot for a very long time, I’ve been having a lot of success with just 2 signal providers, and I believe that this is the way forward as we approach the end of summer.

So, buckle in and find out what’s working for the best binary options traders in the market now.

July 2018 Income Report

July proved to be a productive, thought-provoking and challenging month at times. In the end, I made some fantastic discoveries that I believe are going to help every single binary options trader that finds this page. So, let’s take a closer look at my income from the past month, and then dig into the analysis.

TOTAL: 20837.26

Report Analysis

While it may come across is shocking, I’ve decided to suspend my use of the BTT signals, and focus all my attention on signals from Binary Strategy, and Binary Today 5. Over the past few months I’ve noticed that the 2 signal providers I’m favoring, are performing so well in current market conditions, that I don’t need a 3rd wheel providing me with more signals. I’ve found that it’s much more productive to focus on just 2 signal providers, because it keeps me in tune with their quick expiry time signals, and allows me to spend less time staring at the charts.

With Binary Today 5 providing 5 minute expiry time signals, and Binary Strategy providing 15 minute expiry time signals, I find this combination to be unstoppable. For a long time, my favorite expiry times were anywhere in the region of 30 minutes to one hour, but in the current market conditions, I find that fast-paced signals are dominating market movements.

Binary Strategy

Remaining at the top spot, binary strategy continues to be my favorite system because it provides me with 2 different divergent based methodologies that are incredible when it comes to reliability. Both the Valor and Spirit signals are staples of my daily trading routine.

The signals continue to receive stellar reviews everywhere they are reviewed online. Here’s a review from 2018, and 2017 from different sources online for your perusal.

Binary Today 5

With a recent update, and a major discount, there’s never been a better time to sign up with Binary Today 5. This system gives traders the opportunity to win trades with a lifetime membership at a new low price of $119.99.

This is an excellent starter signal software. It is very low risk and puts you behind the wheel immediately, so that you can start making profits and understanding how to win in the binary options market.


July was one of my favorite months, and not just for the successes in profits that I made throughout. July was a great reminder that we need to always be analyzing our trading approach, and finding ways to become better traders.

4 years I relied on using 3 signal providers at a time, but after crunching the numbers, and analyzing the data, I came to the conclusion that utilizing to signal providers would be much more efficient.

This information may be personal, but I feel like I need to share with you, so that you can modify the amount of signal providers you were using to grow your trading accounts.

Binary options is a great way for traders to create a passive income, and that’s why I put these reports together every single month. I hope that you enjoyed reading my current analysis of the binary options market, and find a way to join me on my journey.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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