My May 2017 Income Analysis

Hey guys, welcome to the 32nd edition of the binary income report. In this monthly report, I provide an in-depth analysis of my personal trading record for the past month. In order to prove that my strategies and systems need to be taken seriously, I feel it’s important that I hold myself accountable, and prove my worth.

If I’m successful, I know you can be successful to by following very simple methods I use on a daily basis to achieve success in binary options. Today I will be showing you an income breakdown from each software that I use, a journey where I’m trying to turn $250 into $50K and a brief outline of the strategy I’m using to achieve.

Turning $250 Into $50K

When I started the journey to turn $250 into $50K I was very concerned. I read a lot of emails from my readers, and while most believe that I can do it, there were skeptics as well that made me 2nd guess my decision to embark on such a difficult task. Yet, here we are a few months into the year, and everything is going even better that I expected. If I continue with the same level of success, I’ll be able to smash the 50K goal and exceed it by a far margin.

Keep in mind, when I trade my personal accounts I don’t use this extremely aggressive money management strategy at all times. For this journey I’ve been risking around 20% per trade, when I normally prefer somewhere between 3-5% per trade. So, with that being said let’s take a look at this month’s trades.

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XAUUSDPUT2017.05.30 03:001268.11267.512017.05.30 03:30:002156BTT
XAUUSDPUT2017.05.21 23:311256.991255.442017.05.22 00:01:002500.96BTT
USDCADCALL2017.05.15 13:001.360781.364082017.05.15 13:30:002901.12BTT
USDJPYPUT2017.05.26 00:50111.766111.7722017.05.26 00:55:00-3365.28BT5
EURGBPPUT2017.05.23 14:560.864830.863212017.05.23 15:01:002826.85BIQ
EURGBPCALL2017.05.03 14:360.844910.845792017.05.03 14:41:003279.15BIQ
  • Month 1 Earnings: $286.40
  • Month 2 Earnings: $1413.52
  • Month 3 Earnings: $4597.92
  • Month 4 Earnings: $6890.80
  • Month 5 Earnings: $10298.80
  • Total: +$23773.84

In May I continued my winning ways, with 5 wins and 1 loss. With a 20% money management strategy I earned just over $10,000, bringing my total to nearly $24,000.

I’m now in a very good position to exceed the $50K goal. If I continue to keep up my high ITM% then I should reach my goal within the next 2 to 3 months. When I started this journey at the beginning of the year I didn’t think this was possible. Yet, with resounding support from the binary options community I’ve been able to generate a lot of confidence from all of the positive feedback I’ve been receiving. So let me thank you for everything you do that helps me become a better trader.

May Income Report (Personal Earnings)

Probably the most important and most anticipated part of these reports, is my personal earnings. Here I show you what trading signals I’ve been relying on to grow my accounts and analyze which of these methods is likely to be the most successful for the next few months.

Total $24,634.83

It was a really interesting month in that Binary Today Trader had such an impressive resurgence. Binary IQ did hold onto the top spot, but this is the closest it’s been since the IQ launch, months ago. So what is attributed to this? Well, the Binary Today Trader signals started to really catch my eye at the beginning of the month. I noticed that some of the trades were winning by massive margins and this is usually a good signifier that a signal system is starting to get hot. Honestly, I should’ve paid more attention to the trader, but I’m still infatuated with my favorite toy, IQ.

Being as though we are into June, I’ve noticed that the Binary Today Trader signals continue to perform at an extremely high level. If you are a current member, I suggest you download the latest version and throat on a few of your charts. Pick up some easy wins as we roll through June, and maybe at the end of this month will be seeing a new system atop the leader board!

High Probability Method

Last month I showed you my current strategy, and it remains the same yet again. Don’t overcomplicate your trading strategies. Focus on finding what times and what pairs work well for you and then take advantage of the built in trade assistant software to verify your trades. When I receive a signal for any binary options software that I use, I immediately look at the trade assistant to verify that it’s a viable signal.

I want to see either 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 4 arrows pointing in the direction of the trade that I receive.

If you take advantage of this strategy, you will be successful, I’m sure of that.


Thanks again for reading another edition of my income report.

June is going to be a great month for all of the readers here at Binary Today, as we all look to grow our accounts.

I’ve been receiving some excellent emails with success stories of traders that haven’t had any success in the binary options market until this year. So let’s remember to trade smart and be patient.

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