My April 2015 Income Report

my-april-2015-income-reportIt is that time of the month again where I reflect on my trades and write up a detailed report on how my accounts are progressing. In these reports you will learn what tools I’ve been using, the lessons I’ve been learning and a full breakdown of my earnings.

Depending on the markets, my personal life and other outside forces my income will fluctuate up and down month to month.

So let’s get started.

$200,000 Goal Update

As you likely know by now I set a goal at the beginning of the year to earn over $200,000. When setting this figure a lot of thought went into the process. I  wanted to challenge myself but I didn’t want to disappear on my family. So far I’ve been able to achieve a very happy balance and while I find the Binary Today web site taking up a lot of my time, I still have more than enough hours in the day to meet all my responsibilities.

Last month I hit 25% of my goal and this month I have hit my stride and taken an aggressive leap forward. This gives me the potential to exceed my expectations but I don’t want to count my eggs before they are hatched.

35 %

What Happened In April?

As is always the case, there have been a lot of changes and updates here at Binary Today. Most of all of them have been for the positive, but I do have bad news as well.

Starting on the bright side I have began writing a collection of binary options educational articles. These articles come from subjects that interest me and from the emails I receive from readers. Here are a couple examples:

binary-options-software-and-signalsI also did an aggressive revamping of the binary options software page. This page now includes over 50 different systems that I have reviewed and they all now can be rated by you. We already have hundreds of ratings on each system so please click on the stars to leave your ratings so the binary options community know what systems can be trusted.

There has always been a top rated section but we thought it would be best to add this lower rated/unrated area to the page as well for more transparency.

This month I also released the second episode of the binary options podcast and you can expect episode three anytime in the next couple of weeks. I think I’ll focus on automated trading in the binary options market.

As for the bad news, the binary options free demo account I’ve been working on has been put on hold. The development team I was working with basically backed out on me and left me with nothing. It was an eye opening process and now I know that I have to do a much better job vetting who I use for projects. I still plan on following through with this project, but I don’t have a realistic timeline anymore.

April Trading Breakdown

MAIN-BOXYou’ve listened to me go on enough about the site, it’s time we get into the fun stuff.

TOTAL: $19,230.90

I made a nice gain on last month’s earnings, almost $5,000 more. I was able to do this by trading more frequently this month and really taking advantage of some market movements.

This month I also found a lot of use for Binary Ascend as it moved into the top spot. Brain wave is still my personal favorite but I’m happy to see that Ascend is providing valuable signals that I have to trade.

I have been able to keep in line with my $200,000 goal, and if I have a few more months like this I’ll be exceeding expectations.

Looking Forward

Well, what’s next?

This month I will be providing more helpful reviews, working on some new free tools and evaluating some products that can hopefully find their way into the top rated binary options systems.

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If you ever have anything you would like to contribute to the income reports or something you would like to see me add to Binary Today just send me an email by clicking Ask John or leaving a comment below.

Thank you for spending the time here on Binary Today and I hope this web site helps you achieve your binary aspirations. If you want more of me (and of course you do) then like us on Facebook so you get more access to the best binary options site on the internet.

Now go win some trades and take your binary options trading game to the next level.

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