March 2017 Income & Binary Strategy

Hello, and welcome to the 30th edition of the income report. The purpose of this report is to show the binary options community real strategies and systems that work to grow accounts and provide stable returns. I’ve been absolutely dominating the market with Binary IQ, and there’s a few strategy sessions coming your way soon that I’m excited to tell you about.

I’ve been hearing great feedback in emails from our readers about their trading lately, so this is going to be a positive report!

From $250 to $50,000 (Progress)

This year my readers challenged me to a very difficult task. They want me to take a $250 account and turn it into $50,000 or higher, in just 12 months. So, as any red blooded man would, I’ve decided to accept the challenge, despite how difficult it may be.

My approach through three months is to utilize a very aggressive strategy, and use the top rated binary options software to provide me with the signals to trade. Through my first two months I have a flawless trade record. See if I’ve been able to continue at the same rate of success in March.

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USDJPYCALL2017.03.02 17:50114.322114.3912017.03.02 17:55:00271.84BT5
USDCHFPUT2017.03.03 01:401.013561.013422017.03.03 01:45:00315.36BT5
GBPUSDPUT2017.03.08 09:001.220261.21952017.03.08 09:30:00365.92IQ
EURGBPCALL2017.03.09 08:210.866260.866542017.03.09 08:26:00424.48IQ
USDCADPUT2017.03.15 14:131.345741.345462017.03.15 14:18:00492.32IQ
GBPUSDPUT2017.03.15 20:301.220891.219932017.03.15 21:00:00571.04BTT
USDCHFCALL2017.03.16 06:000.999831.000132017.03.16 07:00:00662.54BTT
EURUSDPUT2017.03.21 15:501.080141.079522017.03.21 15:55:00768.48IQ
XAUUSDPUT2017.03.23 08:051246.321246.682017.03.23 08:35:00-891.5IQ
XAUUSDCALL2017.03.27 15:561258.191258.382017.03.27 16:01:00748.8IQ
GBPUSDPUT2017.03.30 17:101.247741.24722017.03.30 17:15:00868.64IQ
  • Month 1 Earnings: $286.40
  • Month 2 Earnings: $1413.52
  • Month 3 Earnings: $4597.92
  • Total: +$6584.20

In March I had my first loss, but ended up 10-1, for a solid 90% ITM ratio. For this journey I’ve continued to rely on Binary IQ as my main source for trading signals, as it’s the tool I’m most confident with right now. I believe this trend will continue, as the markets are really in line with the BIQ trading strategy.

This journey continues to be very rewarding, and I appreciate all of you that are following along.

2 Trades 2 Wins, Binary IQ Live Trade Video

March Income Report

So, what’s working best in my personal trading? See what signal systems are winning the most trades, and generating the most income.

Total +$24,586.97up-arrow


My favorite system continues to be Binary IQ. The signals I’m receiving from this strategy are extremely accurate right now. I’m able to rely on these signals, and do little to no analysis at all before placing a trade. This makes for a very comfortable trading experience, as I am confident in every signal that I receive. The majority of the trades I’m placing are of the 5 minute expiry time variety, as these come more frequent, but I like the 30 minute expiry time signals as well.

As you can see, there are also increases in the usage of Binary Today Trader and Binary Today 5 this month. I did a lot of trading, so I wanted as many signals as possible. By running all three of these at the same time, I’m able to take trades frequently, and increase my accounts dramatically.

New Binary Options Strategist

Not sure if you’ve heard the news, but I’ve added a new voice to the Binary Today team. Soon, you will be able to access free advanced binary options strategies used by one of our most talented readers, Grimes. Grimes uses all the top binary options software and signal systems rated here at Binary Today, and adds his own strategic twists that increases his ITM%. I can’t wait for his first strategy article coming some time this week, so keep an eye out for it.


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In March, I traded frequently, and won a lot of trades. The Binary IQ signals continued to provide me with stable trading opportunities that helped me beat last months income numbers, and drastically increase my 50K journey. It already looks like I may surpass the 50K, and that has me really excited.

Please let me know what you think about my latest income report, and keep your eye out for the new strategy lessons by our newest contributor!

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