Killer Combo: August 2018 Income Report

It’s a new month, which means we have another edition of the income report. This is our 47th edition, and it’s a special one as the binary options marketplace seems to have turned a new leaf. The majority of the unscrupulous marketers have left this market, and there are a handful of reliable brokers (Nadex,, CloseOption etc.) and trading systems emerging, which makes binary options a more reliable investment opportunity.

As always, the goal of this report is to introduce all levels of traders to my personal trading approach, in the hopes that it will provide a clear strategy for the community to follow. With my current methodology, I focused heavily on binary options signal systems in order to lower the amount of time I spend trading, while maximizing my profit potential. I also use automated Forex trading systems as a way to diversify my trading options, and I’ll dig into this a little deeper later in the report, to let you know all of the products that I’m relying upon.

August 2018 Income Report

Being the last month of the summer, I always find August a great time to refocus, and dive deeper into my current trading approach. I find that having a good August frequently sets me up for a consistent fall, and that’s something that I believe I achieved this month. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at my specific winnings for each signal system that I’m currently utilizing in my daily trading routine.

  1. Binary Strategy +$14,512.41up-arrow
  2. Binary Today 5 +$8,521.25up-arrowup-arrow
  3. Manual Trading +$0.00

TOTAL: 22763.66

Report Analysis

While last months changes came to a surprise for many of the binary today readers. The removal of binary today trader from my daily trading approach has paid dividends once again in August. Originally, I was concerned that limiting the amount of signals I be receiving, would potentially eat into my profits. Yet, with the 2 months sample size for us to analyze now, it’s clear to me that I’m receiving more than enough signals from the combination of binary today 5 and binary strategy.

One of the main advantages of removing the binary today trader from my daily trading routine, is that I’m able to feel much more connected with the other 2 signal systems. Instead of juggling 3 different strategies, I’m only trading 2, which makes it much easier to follow along with. In using 3 systems, I found that I would frequently be making mistakes because I was jumping around from one expiry time to another. Many times I would place trades with the wrong expiry time, and incur significant losses. Now, I know that I am either trading 15 minutes, or 5 minutes, which is perfect because I get into the market quickly, and pull my profits without having to wait around for an extended period of time.

#1 Binary Strategy

Consistency is key when it comes to binary strategy, the signals that come from the software continue to improve on a monthly basis because the development team is constantly making market adjustments to ensure that the system is always optimized for the latest conditions.

The strategy is continuing to get positive feedback from the binary options community, as you can see from the latest reviews here.

#2 Binary Today 5

This quick 5 minute trader is compatible with every broker available, and is the perfect option for traders starting out the binary options market that want to pick up some easy winners. With frequent trades, and a low risk strategy, BT5 has consistently rated as one of my favorite trading systems since it was released over 2 years ago.

Automated Income (Forex)

For those that are looking for fully automated trading approaches, you’ll be interested in the Forex expert advisors that I’m currently utilizing. These are trading systems that are connected with the free MT4 platform, and trade 100% on your behalf. These are set and forget trading products, with distinct strategies, trading approaches and verified trading results.

  1. Forex Fury
  2. Forex Steam

If you are interested in either of these systems, I suggest that you read my full reviews, and check out their websites for the latest, updated trading results.


August prove to be a solid contender for one of my favorite months of the year. Trading was fantastic, and so was the time that I spent with my friends and family. While trading is very important to me, I never lose sight of those that are closest to me, and I’m very happy that working in the markets has given me a lot of free time to spend with those I care about.

That being said, I have been working with some new traders and writers, so we should be getting much more content here at Binary Today real soon.

I know I’ve been really slow in writin new stuff, but know that I’m here and I’m trading every day that I can.

Thanks for reading this report, and please leave a comment!

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