June 2017 Binary Options Income Report

Hello, and welcome to the 33rd edition of the binary today.com income report. Today I’ll be going through my personal trading habits and letting you know what binary options systems and strategies I’m relying on to grow my trading accounts.

I use this monthly report to keep in touch with the binary today readers, and show the trading community that it is possible to earn a living through binary options trading. I don’t use any fully automated systems, and I utilize sound strategies and tactics that can be mastered by any level of trader.

I hope that you will read this report, and get motivated to start trading binary options.

From $250 To $50,000

At the beginning of the year I was challenged by my readers to prove that binary options is a viable investment opportunity for traders with small budgets. In order to do this, my readers voted that the best way to prove this, would be to take a smaller account and try to grow it and multiply it at a very fast rate. Much to my surprise, the journey has gone much better than I’ve expected and it’s possible that I exceed the goal by a hefty margin. I believe that this is proof that binary options trading, using the right tools and methods can be a practical investment opportunity.

During this test, I’ve used a very aggressive money management strategy. Generally, in my personal trading I only risk 2-5% per trade, but I felt in order to grow this account fast enough that I would need to risk in the 20% range. This has worked extremely well, but I still do recommend a more conservative money management strategy when trading binary options. If I use my normal money management strategy, I probably would’ve been able to hit my goal number, but I’m satisfied with the results I’ve been able to achieve so far, so let’s take a look at this month’s trades.

Click To See Trade by Trade Statement
GBPUSDPUT2017.06.01 15:301.289221.288462017.06.01 16:00:003803.81BTT
GBPUSDPUT2017.06.07 15:301.295311.292362017.06.07 16:00:004412.42BTT
USDCADPUT2017.06.13 06:301.328461.327612017.06.13 07:00:005118.41BTT
EURUSDCALL2017.06.21 18:111.114241.114362017.06.21 18:16:005937.35BIQ
EURUSDPUT2017.06.27 17:001.129191.127532017.06.27 17:30:006887.33BTT
USDCHFPUT2017.06.29 06:200.958040.957732017.06.29 06:25:007989.3BT5
USDCHFPUT2017.06.30 11:000.958250.957952017.06.30 11:30:009267.59BTT
  • Month 1 Earnings: $286.40
  • Month 2 Earnings: $1,413.52
  • Month 3 Earnings: $4,597.92
  • Month 4 Earnings: $6,890.80
  • Month 5 Earnings: $10,298.80
  • Month 6 Earnings: $43,416.21
  • Total: +$67190.05

In June I smashed all expectations. 6 months ahead of schedule I’ve already surpassed my goal. Now, I have to figure out what we’re going to do moving forward. At this point, I believe that the best course of action is to start approaching this large sum of money more conservatively. Obviously, I could play with house money here and let it all ride, but I don’t believe in that high wire act.

The sufficient fund I’ve reached shows just how impactful compounding your winnings into future trades can grow your accounts at an exponential rate. During this period I was able to lose only a single trade, which is even a little prayer for me. Yet, I made sure that I only took trade opportunities that I felt 100% confident in, because I knew that I was risking a lot.

The chart below will show you just how effective an extended winning streak can be in the binary options market.

June Income Report

Now, let’s take a close look at my personal binary options trading accounts, and what it been able to accomplish this month. This is generally the most important part of the income report, because it is the income. I do not include my $250 to $50K test in this process, because that is a test and not part of my normal trading methodology.

Total $24,126.09

Last month we saw an impressive resurgent month from the Binary Today Trader system. In June, this certainly continued as BTT took top spot away from 5 month champion Binary IQ. The IQ software was very impressive, but Binary Today Trader just continue to prove itself trade after trade until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. BTT is on an absolute hot streak right now. The market conditions in these mid-summer months are obviously exactly what this strategy is looking for.

Binary Today Trader Setup


With this setup, my ITM ratio is 78% for the last 2 months. I expect to see very similar numbers for both the short and long-term. This trading system is doing an incredible job at finding high probability opportunities, and it’s making me excited to use it every single night.


First, thank you for reading the latest edition of my income report.

I really enjoy trading this month because of the resurgence of the Binary Today Trader. I’m always happy when an old strategy that I’ve been using starts to line up with current market conditions and helps me rake in the profits.

Please send me an email if you need any help in the binary options market. I can’t wait to talk to you, and find a way to help you achieve your passive income goals.

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