Income Report: September 2018 Edition

Well, September is in the books, which means it’s time for the 48th edition of the income report. In this edition, I go into detail about what systems are currently helping me win trades, and grow my trading accounts on a consistent basis. There are 4 trading products that I use daily, and I’ll let you know exactly what they are, and how you can use them to help you create some passive income.

For quite some time, I neglected this binary options review website, and focused most of my attention on my personal trading, but this was a mistake. While it’s important to trade, it’s also important to communicate with the community, and learn from other traders around you. Over the years, I’ve gained so much confidence and knowledge from the readers of this blog, which has translated into much higher winning percentages. With that being said, you’ll notice that I’m starting to write articles again, on a semi-regular basis to inform the community, and help anyone I can become a better trader in binary options.

September 2018 Income Report

In September, I usually dive in, and spent much more time on the computer as the summer weather fades away. This was certainly the case again this year, as I spent much more time working through my strategies, and utilizing different signal systems to grow my trading accounts. In terms of binary options, I’m using to trading products on a daily basis, and they are consistently meeting all of my expectations. These are 2 products that I recommend to all of the readers here at Binary Today.

  1. Binary Strategy +$15,041.00up-arrow
  2. Binary Today 5 +$10,105.10up-arrow
  3. Manual Trading +$0.00

TOTAL: 25146.10

Report Analysis

As we move into October, the ranking sustain the same, with Binary Strategy at the top spot, and Binary Today 5 coming right in behind at #2. Both of these systems are providing very accurate trading signals, which is making my job very easy. I simply receive the signal, place the trade, and collect the winnings. In the past, I used systems that require much more manual intervention, but that seems to be behind me right now is these 2 products continue to predict the markets accurately.

In comparison with last month, I’m seeing a gain of over $2000 in total profit, which is in conjunction with the accurate trading signals, and the increased time I’ve spent trading. When I say increased time trading, I don’t want to do think that I spend my time sitting around staring at the charts all day. That’s not the case at all. I generally keep the laptop close to me during the day while I’m doing other things. Sometimes I’m watching a television program, other times I’m working out in the gym, but I always keep the laptop handy so when trades do arise, I can grab the laptop and place the trade according to the binary options trading signal. I find that this method is loose, and gives me a large amount of flexibility to accomplish the tasks I want to accomplish throughout the day, while still placing trades and making profit.

Top Spot: Binary Strategy

In last month’s report, I praised the Binary Strategy software for providing a level of consistency that I had never seen in the past with other binary options trading system. I have to say, this month was no different, as the signals remained consistent, without ever having more than one losing signal in a row.

The signals have an extremely effective risk reward ratio, which is an imperative elements in the binary options market because of the varying payout rates associated with each binary options brokerage.

Runner Up: Binary Today 5

There are certainly times during a month where the Binary Today 5 software is my favorite, so it’s really hard to consider it 2nd place to any binary options signal provider. The 5 minute expiry times provided by this product come frequently, which gives me the option to tackle the market aggressively and trade whenever I see fit.

While there were multiple occasions where I had to losses in a row, the signals always recovered due to extended winning streaks that often went on for weeks at a time. For example, in the last week, I had a streak of 24 straight wins, which accounted for a major gain in my binary options trading account.

Forex Income

While I don’t add up my Forex income as part of the income report, it’s important that I inform the community of everything that I’m using to create passive income. With that being said, I am using to automated Forex expert advisors, the plug-in to any MT4 brokerage, and trade on my behalf.

These products are very easy to setup, and once they are set up, all you have to do is watch them trade. You never have to intervene with any of the trades, because the robots have built-in take profit and stoploss levels that will close trades on your behalf.

Here are my current rankings:

  1. Forex Fury
  2. Forex Steam

Both of these products do exactly what I need than 2, which is give me a little more diversity in my trading, so I’m not just relying on binary options to win me trades.


September proved to be a very strong month, and one that opened my eyes to many possibilities in the binary options marketplace. Look forward to more articles and reviews coming out in the coming weeks and days, as I continue to update the website, and keep Binary Today a market leader in the binary options marketplace.

As always, if you have anything you want to add to the report, or anything you would like to ask me about, you can leave a comment under the article or email me and I’ll get back to you with a personal message.

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