February 2019 Income Report

Another month is out of the way, and we are settling into the 2019 just fine. Welcome to the 53rd edition of the binary today.com income report.

I write this report every single month in order to be the one shining example of transparency in the binary options marketplace. I feel that it is my obligation as one of the longest running blogs in this market, to continue sharing my thoughts and personal strategies with all of my readers here. There are very few active blogs in this market in 2019, which makes it ever more important that I continue to establish this report and inform the community.

The report includes my personal income, and the binary options software, signals that I utilize on a daily basis to achieve my goals. My hope is that traders who read this report will have a better understanding of trading, and the types of systems that they can utilize in order to grow their personal trading accounts.

February 2019 Income Report

February was a great month for binary options trading, and for the binary today website in general. I have found more time to contribute to the blog, which has resulted in more visitors and expanding the community. This is exciting, because it shows that there is a fair bit amount of excitement around binary options and Forex trading in 2019. The larger the community here grows, the better it gets, because conversation is important. I have learned many things from the readers of this blog, whether it be via email or in the comments section of the reviews that I write.

Well, let me stop blabbing, and let’s get into the numbers.

  1. Binary Strategy +$8042.55
  2. Binary Today 5 +$4580.19
  3. Manual Trading +$0.00

TOTAL: $12,622.74

Report Breakdown

The February income report is very similar to the January numbers. In fact, the difference in total income was only $30. The reason that I point this out, is that it shows how consistent my current trading approach is in 2019. Both of the binary options signal software that I’m utilizing on a daily basis are providing steady returns with very little erratic behavior. In the past 2 months, the worst losing streak I’ve incurred, has been 3 trades in a row. Considering how often I trade, this is a very low number, and the winning streaks I’ve had have reached over 10 on multiple occasions.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each system that I’m using in order to receive trading opportunities and signals.

Binary Strategy

It was another great month for Binary Strategy, as it remains my favorite binary options signal source in 2019. While it earned $714 more last month, it continue to provide very accurate signals throughout February.

This month, I decided to set up the email signals, so that I can receive signals to my phone when I am on the go, but this doesn’t really suit my personal trading style. I appreciate the fact that the binary strategy developers allow push notifications to cell phones, but I prefer of the comfort of my own home or office while I am trading. There’s just something about looking at the charts and the trade assistant when you place the trade, that gives me a higher level of comfort and confidence.

That being said, it was a solid month, and I expect more of the same as we continue into March.

Binary Today 5

This month, Binary Today 5 gained $744 more than last month. I found that the signals were very reliable, and they assisted me very much so in both binary options and Forex.

I personally created the strategy behind this software, so I believe in it, and know that it’s valuable in all market conditions. This is a great software for traders that are looking to trade the markets for the first time, because it’s affordable and very easy to use. The only difficulty with 5 minute trades, is that traders are expected to place their trades fairly quickly. You still have a few minutes to place the trade, but the faster you do, the higher your success rate will be.

Forex Trading

The Forex trading category is a mainstay in my income reports. Not only do I utilize MT4 for binary options trading, I also use this platform for automated expert advisors (robots) to trade on my behalf in the Forex market. There are currently 2 systems that I utilize and recommend to the public. I run both of these systems, and have a high level of confidence in both their abilities to perform.

If you are new to Forex trading, I recommend that you sign up with one of these services and follow the members area to get started on a free demo account.


February proved to be fruitful, and I expect nothing less from March.

Thank you for spending your time to read this income report, and feel free to leave a comment or email me at any time if you need help in binary options or Forex trading.

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