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Published on March 12th, 2017 | by John Kane


February 2017 Income & Binary IQ

Hello, and welcome to the 29th edition of the income report. First of all, let me just say that we’re sorry this has taken so long. The last 2 weeks have been hectic, and this is the latest we’ve been in providing an income report.

That being said, it was all worth it as this time’s been spent analyzing and testing the best signal strategy we’ve ever come across, Binary IQ.

Never has a binary options service taken our community by storm like this and so we’ve dedicated an entire two-week periodand the results are outstanding.

$250 to $50K Update

As you are likely aware, we are undertaking a new journey in 2017. Our goal is to reach $50K with a starting deposit of $250. We want to accomplish this task, to show the community that binary options trading can be profitable, and that you can grow your broker accounts too.

Our current approach is to utilize a money management of around 20% of the account per trade, more aggressive than normal. Normally we prefer 3-5%, but starting with a small base of $250, we want to get some positive momentum by taking risk.

For this months report, we decided to use mostly Binary IQ signals, to show everyone how useful the service is.

Click To See Trade by Trade Statement
2017.02.01 12:301.078381.078512017.02.01 12:35:0045.82BT5
2017.02.03 10:351.253391.252612017.02.03 10:40:0053.15BT5
2017.02.06 00:001.078741.078222017.02.06 01:00:0061.65BTT
2017.02.07 22:001.251851.251442017.02.07 22:30:0071.52BTT
2017.02.28 20:321.002981.003362017.02.28 20:37:0082.96IQ
2017.02.28 15:151253.731255.412017.02.28 15:45:0096.24IQ
2017.02.23 09:200.769330.769352017.02.23 09:25:00111.63IQ
2017.02.22 03:45113.567113.4522017.02.22 04:15:00129.49IQ
2017.02.21 11:04113.545113.5732017.02.21 11:09:00150.21IQ
2017.02.20 08:151.309071.308652017.02.20 08:45:00174.25IQ
2017.02.17 00:341.067181.06722017.02.17 00:39:00202.13IQ
2017.02.15 09:10114.393114.4492017.02.15 09:15:00234.47IQ

  • Month 1 Earnings: $286.40
  • Month 2 Earnings: $1413.52
  • Total: +$1699.92

As you can see we continued our torrid win streak with 12 straight in February. Much in thanks to Binary IQ. One thing you should look for in these results is the separation distance provided in each winning signal. Every single win is by a pretty substantial margin, and that’s exactly what we look for, because winning trades by big margins makes for a relaxed trading experience.

With our current money management you can see how quickly a brief win streak can compound into major earnings. By trading any percentage of your account with each winning trade you will be making the next trade a little larger. This compounds, and grows very quickly.

February Income Report

Now, let’s breakdown our real trading accounts. These results do not include the journey, as that’s a separate project.

Total +$23,920.85up-arrow


Binary IQ took over as the #1 signal system in my arsenal. This is clearly the best binary options signal software in 2017. My ITM% is still hovering around 80, which is beyond my wildest dreams. This trend following strategy is going to be a long-term solution. With each trade we developer a better understanding of how it works, and this strategy is extremely intelligent.

We did not spend very much time utilizing the Binary Today Trader and Binary Today 5 systems. With all the discussion around Binary IQ right now it’s hard to not focus our efforts fully on this new service. However, one of our readers mentioned in the Binary IQ Review that they are using it alongside Binary Today 5, and this is producing a perfect amount of signals.

Click to be taken to the comments section.

Quickly, let’s take a look at our income over the past 12 months to see if we can pickup on any trends.

Binary Income By Month (last 12 months)

Wrapping Up

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In February we learned a lot about ourselves, and a lot about Binary IQ.

We are already two weeks into March, and the results are favorable so far. We are winning the majority of our trades and Binary IQ continues to provide us with stellar opportunities to succeed.

As always, please Like us on Facebook so that you always get the scoop first, and keep winning!

Thanks for reading the 29th edition of the income report, and get ready to celebrate the Milestone 30th at the end of the month.

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10 Responses to February 2017 Income & Binary IQ

  1. Paul says:

    Is there a manual for Binary IQ that explains all of the settings?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Paul, the only real setting change of consequence is turning the light risk mode on/off. Outside of that, just run out of the box settings for success.

  2. Stacy says:

    Going great with IQ so far.

    Looking forward to your trade video with this one John.

  3. Gary Gray says:

    John, is it advisable to run B5 and IQ on the same platform? I have them on two seperate Thinkforex MT4 platforms presently.

  4. Daveed says:

    I’m loving every single minute that I trade with Binary IQ.

    Sometimes I think I would like some more signals but I emailed support and they told me to just open some more charts. So I did that, and voila, more trades, more money.

    Tremendous stuff 🙂

  5. Hannah says:

    Good job John.

    Excellent month, really happy to have found this blog.

    I’m doing much better with my trading now that I have.

  6. TJ says:

    Hey John, like the new software. Hitting 75% with it. So how much time do you devote to trading with this software or trading in general? Thanks.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi TJ, really depends on what’s going on in my life at the time. I try to focus more time on my family, but this is a hobby that I’ve always enjoyed so I can be quite compulsive. I will spend weeks where I trade very little and then spend an entire week trading all day long. Hope that helps, thanks for asking.

  7. Sheila says:

    Thanks for the report even though it was late.

    I’ve been waiting patiently for it and I’m glad that I did. It really looks like Binary IQ is going to be a dominant force.

    I’m going to start testing some signals tonight and increasing my accounts.

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