December 2018 Income Report

I know this one is a little late, but we’re back with the 51st edition of the income report. Thanks to my prior success in the binary options market, I was able to extend my winter break, and spend even more time with my family than I expected. That being said, I am back now, and I am ready to kick the markets ass in 2019. I am very excited to dig in, start analyzing my meta-trader 4 charts and placing trades with signals that I received from proven signal systems.

I want to thank everybody that has been a supporter of the binary today website for the past 6 years. It’s been a long road to get to where we are today, but I’m happy to say that this blog has contributed to the financial success of thousands of different readers all around the world. When this blog first started out, it was extremely small, and didn’t really have much of a direction. Yet, after writing many different articles, and reviews it became clear that the community was looking for a shepherd to help guide them with real knowledge, trade examples and transparency that nobody else was providing in the binary options marketplace.

We have been able to achieve a level of transparency at binary today that no other binary options blog has been able to match. This is why we are the longest standing binary options blog in the marketplace, and the majority of the other traders in the market that were contributing to the space, stopped completely.

You don’t have to worry about us going anywhere, because as long as binary options trading is available, we will be the #1 source.

Trading Video

Once again, I am including a live trading video to show you my current of approach to trading the markets with binary options software. This video is a couple of months old now, but it is extremely relevant, because it is the exact same trading strategy that I utilize in my accounts on a daily basis. If you haven’t watched it, or you just want a refresher, check it out again.

December 2018 Income Report

The December income report is always one of the strangest, because by the time it’s published we are already in 2019 and thinking about the future. It’s also odd, because the majority of us do very little trading in this month because of the weird market behavior during the Christmas holidays, and the fact that we are spending more time with our friends and family. This is certainly the case for me, and is the main reason why I’ve seen a small dip in my binary options income.

  1. Binary Strategy +$7756.23
  2. Binary Today 5 +$3645.15
  3. Manual Trading +$0.00

TOTAL: $11,401.38

Report Feedback

Despite the holiday break, my income didn’t take a significant hit. The November report totaled $11,736.95, and the December report totaled $11,401.38, which makes for a small difference of around $300. Considering I treated very little during December, and spent the majority of my time with my family, I both surprised and happy with the outcome of my December trading. Surprisingly, I had a very consistent in the money ratio, with an overall win rate of 77%. This is one of the highest win rates I’ve ever achieved, and because it was so high, I was able to go on extended winning streaks and earn more money despite let spending less time trading.

Spending less time trading is a goal that I’ve set for myself in 2019. This is a goal that I’ve had in the past, but one that I want to take more seriously moving forward. The binary options market has blessed me with many opportunities over the years, and now I want to dedicate more of my time in helping others via this blog.

1 Binary Strategy 2019

In terms of binary options software, the rankings going into 2019 are the same as they were for the past half a year. Binary Strategy remains in the top spot and Binary Today 5 sits right behind as a less expensive option great for beginners.

Binary Strategy is poised to have a very successful 2019, as I’ve done extensive market research that leads me to believe in the longevity of both the spirit and valor signals that come with the software. There are very few strategies currently taking advantage of divergence as prominently as the binary strategy software. Yet, if you take a closer look at the market, and combine that with all of the major forecasts from the most talented traders in the market, it’s apparent that divergence strategies are going to be extremely useful in the next 3 months.

2 Binary Today 5 2019

Coming in at number #2, the Binary Today 5 software just released an update to version 2.0 a few days ago. This version addressed a change in the MT4 platform, and also comes with an extensive strategy shift perfected for the markets in 2019. This update is available to all traders in the members area, and is performing very well in the first few weeks of January. I recommend that you check this out.

Forex Income

Another large contributor to my success, and my ability to spend less time trading is the integration of automated Forex expert advisors into my trading accounts. I am have a great deal of success with Forex Fury and Forex Steam, which you can read about in my full reviews of each. These products continue to win trades on my behalf, with a full hands off approach that I love.


Thank you for your continued support here at Binary Today.

As we move into 2019, I hope that you will either continue or embark on a trading journey with the other readers on this blog. If you ever have anything you want to add, email me or leave a comment. I always respond.

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