August 2019 Income Report

Welcome to the 58th edition of the income report. This report is going to be a little quicker than usual, because I am smack dab in the middle of my trading day, and I have quite a few trading signals that I would like to follow through on. Every single time I write an income report I find myself being very grateful to have this opportunity to touch so many different readers looking for ways to increase their passive income.

The purpose of this income report is to inform the public about the current strategies and trading approaches that are viable in the binary options marketplace. I find our role within binary options imperative, because we are one of the only lots left providing any sort of transparency. We also give traders access to proven binary options software and signals services, which can help even brand-new traders get started on developing their passive income source.

So, without further ado let’s get into the report and show you what’s working, and what isn’t.

August 2019 Income Report

August prove to be a solid month, or one that is much in line with many of the months in the summer. The amount of income is an staggering, or something that you want to write home about, but it’s more than enough to suit my needs and meet my expectations.

TOTAL: $10,758.46

Report Breakdown

I had a minor gain over the past month, where around $400 more than the previous month. There isn’t anything particular special as to why I earned more this month the last month, as all the trading systems that I utilize have been relatively steady.

The only difference in income tends to be how often I trade, as the winning percentage for both the Binary Strategy and Binary Today 5 programs remains consistent.

As we are already a few days into September, I can tell you that I am starting to ramp things up and I’m hoping to see a September in the range of $13,000-$15,000. Under the current market conditions, I do believe that this is a viable option, and something I will be able to achieve. So, come back in a month to see how well it turns out.

Articles in August

While my income increased, the amount of articles I produced decreased significantly. One of the main reasons for this, is because I’m struggling to find products or topics to discuss within the binary options marketplace. If you have any products or brokers or strategies that you would like me to review, please send me an email or write a comment below this article so that we can check it out for you, and give you our expert opinion.

So, this month there were 2 new reviews, and 1 update:

I will certainly look to increase the amount of articles I’m producing again in September, and hope that you will help me in doing so by providing me with some more products to analyze.

Automated Trading

I get a lot of emails from traders that are looking to automate binary options trading strategies lately. My response is always the same.

If you are interested in automated trading, you should be utilizing Forex robots. The Metatrader platform that houses the Forex market has been perfected for automated trading, in the binary options market doesn’t come close. In fact, every single automated binary options trading strategy I’ve ever used failed.

When I want automated trading, I rely on to robots:

If you are not using either one of these systems, I recommend that you test them out, and at them to your trading Arsenal as soon as you get a chance.


I just want to say that I appreciate your readership your Binary Today and hope that you don’t get too upset at me when I’m not writing blog posts actively. All of the reviews are active with new comments on a daily basis, so even if the reviews aren’t new, the community contributions are.

That being said, I hope that you will email me or leave me a comment telling me which product or service you want to see us review in September.

Thanks again, and please come back soon.

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