August 2017 Income & News

Hello and welcome to the 35th edition of the income report. The purpose of this monthly article, is to bring traders into my world and give them insight on my daily trading transactions. I do my best to provide transparency, and share my knowledge to help every single one of the readers of this blog.

I’ll do my best to keep it short today, as I want to focus on the future of binary options, and what’s really working to help me win trades.

$250 to $50,000

In exploring my options and trying to find a way to challenge myself, I created an open forum for my readers to tell me what they wanted me to try and accomplish. There were many suggestions, but in the end I decided to go with the idea that was the most popular with the Binary Today community. Everyone wanted me to take a small account of $250, and attempt to turn that into $50,000.

I succeeded, and well before I thought I would.

Using a very high risk profile, where I traded 20% of my account on every trade, I managed to earn over $100,000. Since hitting the $50,000, I’ve continued to trade this journey to see how far I could get. Yet, this month I’ve decided to retire this journey, and go back to focusing on my income report and what the future has in store for us.

August Income Report

Is this the most important element of the report, I figured I should get to it quickly today. There’s been quite a lot of movement, and there’s a new contender that I’ve been testing for a few months with a lot of success. So, let’s get right to it.

TOTAL: +$23109.45

With this month came a drastic change in the tools I’ve been using. As you know, I rely heavily on signal systems to provide me with high quality trade opportunities. Each one of these systems provides me with a handful of trades every day for different assets and expiry times. The signal is sent directly to my computer, or phone, and then I place the trade.

This month, a newcomer has emerged and is receiving a great deal of my attention. The signals are using a technical analysis-based strategy that relies heavily on divergence and momentum. Unlike any other software I’ve used in the past, there are multiple strategies to choose from and both provide signals with a 15 minute expiry time.

During this period, Binary Today Trader and Binary Today 5 both had consistent months, but we did see Binary IQ take a sharp dip in production. I’m not sure if this will continue, but the fact that I have multiple systems providing me with signals is giving me the diversity that I need to succeed in every market condition.


August was a great month for multiple reasons. Not only that I continue to grow my trading accounts, but the newest signal software I’ve been using is proving to be very profitable.

The developers of the system have not yet provided me with the date in which they will be releasing this signal service to the public, but if you’ve signed up to the mailing list, then you will surely be hearing about it soon.

I hope that your trading has been going as well as mine has, and that you will leave a comment under this income report sharing your current successes and failures with the rest of the community.

Thank you for reading this edition of the income report, feel free to email me at any time, because I actually answer and I actually care.

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